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Loans For Bad Credit

Loans For Bad Credit


Finding the right loan for your circumstances can be incredibly confusing … add a bad credit history into the mix and it can seem an impossible task.

At Money Unmuddled we try to simplify the process by explaining the different loans available in simple, easy to understand terms to help you understand the different options available to you.

Loans For Bad Credit

Dealing With Debt

Dealing With Debt


You are not alone when it comes to debt although it may seem so right now! The Citizen Advice Bureaux alone dealt with 8,910 new debt problems in England & Wales every working day during the year ending June 2011.

Learn about how to deal with debt, debt problems and debt repayments … all explained and made simple.

Debt Help

Credit Repair

Credit Repair


Living with a less than perfect credit rating is not ideal and will almost certainly affect the ability to obtain future credit. Nobody just gets a good credit rating – it has to be earned.

That’s why it’s important to keep your file as clean as possible and to not just accept a poor rating but look to improve and repair your credit.

Bad Credit Information

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Money Unmuddled – Making Sense Of Money

Money Unmuddled is an evolving website focused on the UK personal finance market. What makes us different is the fact that we’re not lenders, or advisers and are not here to sell you anything – we just want to help you make sense of money, to help you understand jargon and options a little more and make decisions.

Before considering any financial product you should take professional and independent advice … and that need not cost! The Money Advice Service was set up by the government to do just that –  provide free and impartial money advice, both online and over the phone  along with various tools and calculators.

If you’re thinking about borrowing then we urge you to think hard … is it the right thing to do, do you really need a loan and can you comfortable afford it. Don’t let the lure of access to quick cash get the better of you – there’s always another way. That’s especially true when it comes to debt – don’t borrow to pay off debt unless you’re absolutely certain it’s the right thing to do. Face up to debt and financial problems and hit them straight on, there’s plenty of help out there that needn’t cost you a penny and, believe you me, there’s ALWAYS a way and you are NOT alone!


Here at Money Unmuddled we aim to help those battling against a less than perfect credit rating, those in debt and those with other money concerns.

Products and options are explained in basic terms to provide a little more understanding and the forum enables those in similar situations to “chat among themselves”.

We are not lenders or advisers.

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