debtThe golden rule is to face up to debt, don’t hide it, pretend it’s not there or hope it will go away – hit it head on! There’s ALWAYS a way and you CAN become debt free.

If you are worried about, or struggling against, debt then hopefully the pages and posts relating to debt that you’ll find on Money Unmuddled will explain the different options available. Don’t worry alone, there are thousands in the same situation, share your concerns, face up to your debts and start living again – why not visit the forum and chat with others in the same situation as you.

Whether you want do it yourself debt advice or if you want to turn to a professional you’ll find the different options available to you here.


A previous survey proved that only around 15% of people had a debt problem due to spending too much whilst almost half had a debt problem because of redundancy, a pay freeze or reduced working hours. The remaining 35% reported that their debt was due to outside influences such as a relationship breakdown, illness or having children.

So, debt is not all about being reckless with money but more likely a result of external factors, often beyond our control. Debt is nothing, therefore, to be ashamed of … it happens.

Being in debt can really effect lives though, especially as many keep the problems hidden, even from those close to them. 80% of people with debt problems confirmed that the psychological and physical effect of debt was having a negative effect on their lives, jeopardising their personal relationships, effecting health and ability to carry out their jobs, according to a survey conducted by a debt counselling charity.

Being in debt is not a nice place to be so it’s time to move on – there’s help out there and there’s ALWAYS a solution, no matter how bad you may feel the situation is.

There’s plenty of free help and advice out there such as National Debtline which offers free, confidential help and advice throughout the UK. You’ll find more information on the pages and posts in this section of the website.

If you are considering borrowing because of debt then please think carefully – it most probably won’t be the right option.