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Doorstep Lenders UK, Find The Right One

You’ve done the research, done the thinking and decided that a doorstep loan is right for you – so how do you go about finding  the best value loan and the right doorstep lender in the UK? Everything you need is available on a free, independent website by the name of Just another comparison site you may assume but you’d be very wrong, it’s a completely free resource and an independent price comparison website specifically for the doorstep loans (or home credit) market. There’s no sponsorship, no adverts and no pressure because they don’t sell anything. So what’s the point Keep Reading >>>
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Where To Find Free Debt Advice

Learn all about debt and where to find free debt help through the many UK debt charities – don’t pay for debt help. Personal debt is on the increase in the UK – here’s the latest statistics in October 2013: Total consumer credit lending in the UK £158.7 BILLION Average household debt £6,020 excluding mortgages, £54,141 including mortgages £164 MILLION is paid in interest on personal debt each day 1326 people were made redundant each day (May-July) 899,000 people had been unemployed for a year or more A property was repossessed every 17 minutes and 4 seconds Someone was declared Keep Reading >>>
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Using A Broker To Get A Van Loan With Bad Credit

Keeping a perfect credit rating is not easy these days, whether you are an individual or a company but an adverse credit rating may not stand in the way of getting the vehicle finance you need, especially if you apply via one of the growing numbers of brokers specialising in van loans with bad credit. The process is straightforward and usually starts with a basic online application form – all the standard information will be needed at this stage, name, age, address, income, requirements etc – just enough for the broker to make an in-principle decision which only takes a Keep Reading >>>
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Van Loans – Your Choices

When it comes to van loans there are a number of different options available and plenty of specialist van loan lenders providing solutions to suit individuals and businesses. For many businesses and some individuals a van is an absolutely essential tool without which the ability to operate (and make money) is severely restricted. Finding the right vehicle is therefore really important as is the ability to finance it in the most cost effective manner. There are several ways in which to do this as explained below: Van Loan & Van – Buy As A Package Perhaps the easiest and most Keep Reading >>>
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Loans For Unemployed – Are You Sure?

If you don’t have a job it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get a loan as more and more specialist lenders open their doors to loans for unemployed throughout the UK. If you think you’re going to get thousands of pounds think again – the best you can hope for is a small cash loan of a few hundred pounds or so with repayments structure divided up into small regular instalments to make them affordable, even on a low income from benefits or a pension. Enter the home credit doorstep loans for unemployed people. A doorstep loan Keep Reading >>>
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Instalment Loans vs Payday Loans

According to web definition an instalment loan is a loan that is repaid over an agreed period time via a set number of scheduled payments or instalments (normally at least two). The actual term of loan may be as little as a couple of months or as long as 30 years. That means that most “traditional” loans fall into the category of instalment loans –doorstep loans, personal loans, even mortgages are included. What it excludes are loans that are paid off in a single payment or open ended credit such as credit cards or overdrafts. These days though, the term Keep Reading >>>
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Avoid The Payday Loans Trap

These days there is much controversy surrounding the subject of so called Payday Loans. These little loans are designed as a short term fix for a temporary cash flow problem, often brought about by unexpected outlay or an error in the monthly budget. Used correctly that can be ideal but more and more people are turning to them to simply help them get through the month. Borrow today, cash in the bank in just a few hours and pay back the next time you receive your wages, even if credit history is less than perfect – sounds great in theory Keep Reading >>>
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Van Hire Options

Do you require a van all the time or do you just need it periodically, temporarily or for short periods at a time? Perhaps you need a different type or size of van for different situations? If either of these two scenarios applies to you then it’s worth considering a van hire option as an alternative to a van loan or lease. There are thousands of van hire companies in the UK today – some local to you and others providing national coverage but all able to cater for you and your business, whatever your needs … even if you Keep Reading >>>
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Van Leasing – The Alternative To Van Loans

Financing a new van for your personal or business use does not necessarily mean a specific van loan, other options exist including a van lease – a really popular alternative to owning a vehicle outright. Van leasing is similar in principle to a long term vehicle rental or hire agreement. It allows you to choose the exact vehicle for you, not just make, model and size but even down to colour and spec and, for a set monthly fee over an agreed time scale (usually several years) the van is yours. OK, you won’t actually own the vehicle but it Keep Reading >>>
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Monthly Payday Loans – Instalment Loans In Disguise?

These days it seems like there are more and more different types of loans and lending options all dressed up in fancy packaging and with names to match … none more so that monthly payday loans or 12 month payday loans. The thought of spreading the cost of a payday loan into monthly instalments is surely almost a contradiction in terms so just what are monthly payday loans – surely they are just instalment loans in disguise? First of all let’s decipher exactly what a standard payday loan actually is. Quite simply a payday loan is like an advance on Keep Reading >>>
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