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January 18, 2020

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UK Loans – Bad Credit
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Doorstep Loans

Doorstep loans are incredibly popular due to their flexibility, the personal interaction and, in particular, because of a less formal credit check procedure making them a realistic option to those with bad credit or those who may struggle to obtain finance through the “normal” High Street channels. You may know or hear them referred to by several different names as well as a doorstep loans – bad credit cash loans, home collected credit or, just simply, home credit. In simple terms they are described as short term cash loans that are delivered to your door and the repayments collected from your Keep Reading >>>
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Are Payday Loans the Best Option?

Payday loans in the UK fulfil the immediate and short financial needs in our daily lives. When you face trouble which needs quick economical aid, then these loans do come in handy. And you can easily clear the loan with your next paycheck. There is no involvement of lengthy loan tenures and high-interest rates. You can find some people, who do oppose the idea of payday loans. But do you know how actually payday loans work which can be profitable to our daily lives? There are online lending platforms where you can easily get a loan and avail its benefits Keep Reading >>>
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Tips For an Entrepreneur While Availing Personal Loans

You can set up your own business combined to your job with a minimal amount and run it with essential equipment, but you will encounter situations where you cannot strengthen your business without additional investment. As an entrepreneur, it is troublesome to take a business loan from a bank.   There are many alternative options like, approaching an investor or availing a personal loans in the UK. An investor will be ready in investing in an exchange with your stakes, which can be a problem for you What are the alternative options? If not the investor and business loans, it Keep Reading >>>
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Doorstep Lenders UK, Find The Right One

You’ve done the research, done the thinking and decided that a doorstep loan is right for you – so how do you go about finding  the best value loan and the right doorstep lender in the UK? Everything you need is available on a free, independent website by the name of Just another comparison site you may assume but you’d be very wrong, it’s a completely free resource and an independent price comparison website specifically for the doorstep loans (or home credit) market. There’s no sponsorship, no adverts and no pressure because they don’t sell anything. So what’s the point Keep Reading >>>
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Home Collection Loans – A Guide To Safe Borrowing

Home collection loans are personal loans that require no security and hence are readily available to a wide section of the UK population. They are relatively small cash loans which are arranged face to face with an agent who will call round to visit you in your own home to discuss and agree your application. The loan will then be delivered to your door, often by the same agent who will then also call round at an agreed interval to collect the repayments. Home collection loans go under various other names and are most often referred to as home credit or Keep Reading >>>
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Loans For Unemployed – Are You Sure?

If you don’t have a job it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get a loan as more and more specialist lenders open their doors to loans for unemployed throughout the UK. If you think you’re going to get thousands of pounds think again – the best you can hope for is a small cash loan of a few hundred pounds or so with repayments structure divided up into small regular instalments to make them affordable, even on a low income from benefits or a pension. Enter the home credit doorstep loans for unemployed people. A doorstep loan Keep Reading >>>
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Instalment Loans vs Payday Loans

According to web definition an instalment loan is a loan that is repaid over an agreed period time via a set number of scheduled payments or instalments (normally at least two). The actual term of loan may be as little as a couple of months or as long as 30 years. That means that most “traditional” loans fall into the category of instalment loans –doorstep loans, personal loans, even mortgages are included. What it excludes are loans that are paid off in a single payment or open ended credit such as credit cards or overdrafts. These days though, the term Keep Reading >>>
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Avoid The Payday Loans Trap

These days there is much controversy surrounding the subject of so called Payday Loans. These little loans are designed as a short term fix for a temporary cash flow problem, often brought about by unexpected outlay or an error in the monthly budget. Used correctly that can be ideal but more and more people are turning to them to simply help them get through the month. Borrow today, cash in the bank in just a few hours and pay back the next time you receive your wages, even if credit history is less than perfect – sounds great in theory Keep Reading >>>
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Doorstep Collection Loans – Why So Popular?

We all associate the high street banks and building societies as the place to go when it comes to loans and lending money. Often these are the first places that people turn to when they need to borrow money not realising that other options exist – one of these alternative options is the doorstep loan: Doorstep collection loans are available throughout the UK from a variety of substantial, respected and reputable companies – some, like Provident and Shopacheck, are pretty much household names. They continue to grow in popularity with millions of these loans approved each year – but what Keep Reading >>>
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Monthly Payday Loans – Instalment Loans In Disguise?

These days it seems like there are more and more different types of loans and lending options all dressed up in fancy packaging and with names to match … none more so that monthly payday loans or 12 month payday loans. The thought of spreading the cost of a payday loan into monthly instalments is surely almost a contradiction in terms so just what are monthly payday loans – surely they are just instalment loans in disguise? First of all let’s decipher exactly what a standard payday loan actually is. Quite simply a payday loan is like an advance on Keep Reading >>>
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