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January 18, 2020

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UK Loans – Bad Credit
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Doorstep Loans No Credit Checks … Really?

One of the big attractions of home credit is the open lending criteria set by the lenders making these small cash loans accessible to a vastly wider market than the banks or so called high street institutions are prepared to service – does this mean that with doorstep loans no credit checks are required? You’ve only got to read the adverts to see that homeowners, tenants, those working full time, part time, retired or  even on benefits will be considered equally and, that’s not all, the applicant is not even required to have an unblemished credit history – poor credit, Keep Reading >>>
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Home Credit Doorstep Loans

Doorstep loans, also known as home credit loans, are small cash loans whereby an individual borrowers money and the lender then collects repayments by calling at the borrower’s home. Much of the application process is completed in-person with a local agent and due to the highly flexible nature of these products, loan approvals are typically granted according to the borrower’s ability to repay, as opposed to a standard credit review. This is why home credit doorstep loans are very appealing to people with low income as well as those who lack perfect credit ratings. Some of the companies that offer doorstep loans Keep Reading >>>
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Instant Loans As Emergency Cash Solutions

Life is good, there’s plenty of money coming in and your finances are under control then, from out of the blue, a crisis hits that completely blows the budget and leaves you scratching your head as to where to find the emergency cash you desperately need … sound familiar? We’re all affected by such a situation from time to time – usually when we least expect it and at a time we need it the least. The car breaks down, the heating packs up, you need to make an unexpected trip … the reasons are many and varied but the Keep Reading >>>
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Payday Loans – New Regulations Are A Coming!

The payday loans business in the UK is vast and highly competitive. There’s long been controversy surrounding the industry and as a result it would seem that tighter regulation is on the way, regulation designed to better protect the consumer. As we have said before, used correctly payday loans do have a place in society today – the big question is are they actually being used correctly and, hence, are they being marketed in the right way. Let’s look at some of the facts as at mid 2013: There were 240 payday lenders operating legally within the UK The payday Keep Reading >>>
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Doorstep Loans – Be Careful

When it comes to doorstep loans be careful. You only have to search the internet to read some of the horror stories and adverse press relating to doorstep loans – a quick search just now uncovered headlines suggesting that doorstep lenders are preying on those in debt and targeting the venerable, doorstep lenders make money out of misery,  debt-ridden disabled people are turning to doorstep lenders to make ends meet, the dangers of doorstep loans, families resort to doorstep loans to pay for Christmas. We’re not suggesting that home credit is all bad and, when used correctly, like most products it will have a Keep Reading >>>
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Doorstep Collected Loans – The Safety Of Home Credit

Doorstep lending has been the subject of a great deal of publicity over recent years … and not all of it good! That’s why the home credit industry has tidied up its act and legislation put in place in order to protect the consumer from loan sharks, improve perception and restore the confidence in these home collected loans. Doorstep collected loans provide access to small cash loans that, whilst interest rates may often be high, are made simple and affordable and structured so that they are available and appealing to those on lower income or the subject to previous credit Keep Reading >>>
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Loans To Your Door

These days everything seems to be more and more automated and impersonal and most financial services have gone the same way but there’s one option that’s retained its human touch and personal service – cash loans to your door in the form of the good old doorstep loan. Doorstep loans differ from traditional loans in the fact that you’re dealing face to face with a real person, an actual human being, throughout the whole process. Better still, the transaction is completed without the need for a trip to the bank instead the lenders agent will visit you in your own Keep Reading >>>
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Instalment Loans To Avoid The Payday Loans Trap

Whilst instalment loans may often appear a more expensive way of borrowing when compared to payday loans they could help avoid the payday loan trap that so many borrowers fall into and hence could actually save on the cost of borrowing for a great many people. A traditional payday loan is designed to bridge the gap until the next payday, it’s specifically designed for those months when an unexpected cash flow problem hits for whatever reasons such as car maintenance, unexpected travel costs, heating repairs etc. Borrow a small sum of money, pay it back on payday and that’s it! Keep Reading >>>
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Doorstep Loans Made Simple

DEFINED AS: Unsecured, often short term, small cash loans delivered to your door and the repayments collected in the same way.  Doorstep loans go by a number of different names – they are also known as a door to door loans, cash loans, home collected loans, home collected credit or just home credit. Whatever name they go by they offer a friendly, personal service and the provision of small cash loans straight to your door, with the manageable repayments collected each week by your own friendly, local agent. What Are Doorstep Loans Doorstep loans are small cash loans that are not only Keep Reading >>>
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Bad Credit Doorstep Loans

Anyone with a less than perfect credit history will find it difficult to get a loan from any of the high street institutions … especially in these current difficult times. That’s why the doorstep loan is proving so popular these days … by providing small cash loans without the need for a credit check. Instead, the decision to lend (or not as the case may be) is based on the applicants ability to comfortably repay the loan moving forward.   Whenever an application for credit is made a credit check to one of the UKs credit agencies is made. This Keep Reading >>>
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