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January 18, 2020

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What Is Bad Credit

Credit history or credit report is a record of an individual’s past borrowing and repaying, including information about late payments and bankruptcy. Whenever an application for credit is made, be it from a bank, building society or other financial institution, a store card or credit card company, the information is forwarded to a credit reference agency. The credit agency checks the name, address and other identifying information of the applicant with the information already held in its files. It’s therefore very important that any information held is accurate as it will affect the applicants ability to obtain credit facilities This information is used by lenders such as credit card companies to Keep Reading >>>
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Bad Credit History – The Causes

The demand for bad credit loans is on the up as more and more people struggle to retain a perfect credit history and lender confidence but just what factors can cause such problems? Every time you apply for any form of credit the lender will do a credit check in order to check back on your lending history and to make sure you have always paid your creditors in a responsible manor. If you have then they are confident that you will treat them the same and are likely to lend but if they see historical issues and problems then Keep Reading >>>
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The Credit Check

We’ve all been there – biting our nails whilst the nice lady in the bank leaves the room to go and check just how credit worthy we actually are. Just how do they check, how do they score and what can they find ? What is a credit check? When you apply for a loan, credit card, store card or mortgage, the lender will conduct a credit check before approving your application. To define, a credit check is the process of judging the creditworthiness of the borrower by reviewing his credit repayment history. The lender basically examines the borrower’s capability to Keep Reading >>>
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Avoiding Bad Credit

Most people owe money to some extent but how you manage your debts is what counts on your credit file – anything you do wrong is recorded and creates your credit history – a file which lenders use when deciding if you represent a good risk to them and hence if they will lend you money. When we talk about credit it’s not just loans and mortgages but also other lines of credit such as monthly insurance direct debits, mobile phone contracts etc. There are many different reasons you may have a bad credit history which can make it difficult Keep Reading >>>
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Top Tips To Repair Bad Credit

10 top tips to help you to mend and improve your own credit score and repair credit history. One of the easiest ways to repair bad credit and  improve your credit score is to repay your debt – simple but easier said than done! It’s true though, lenders feel much more comfortable offering money to customers if they know that the customer hasn’t “maxed out” all their existing debt elsewhere. 1. Pay Off Debt When You Can If you are using more than 50 per cent of the credit already available to you, then you are using too much. The Keep Reading >>>
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Credit Cards For Bad Credit

A bad credit credit card can not only provide you with a flexible short term borrowing and cash-flow solution but it can help you to build or rebuild your credit rating for the future. Credit cards for bad credit – interest rates will be higher but, used properly they can be a real advantage. So if you have a history of defaults, arrears, CCJs, or bankruptcy. If you are struggling to get your first credit card because you don’t yet have a credit history, the good news is there are a few bad credit credit card providers who offer you Keep Reading >>>
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Credit Repair

Living with a less than perfect credit rating is not ideal and will almost certainly affect the ability to obtain future credit. Nobody just gets a good credit rating – it has to be earned. That’s why it’s important to keep your file as clean as possible and to not just accept a poor rating but look to improve and repair your credit. Credit does not just mean loans … mobile phone contract, monthly direct debits for the car insurance, the council tax, store cards, credit cards … all these and more represent credit agreements hence why it’s so hard to retain that Keep Reading >>>
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