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October 18, 2018

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How Does A Pawnbroker Loan Work?

Whilst the origins of pawnbroking date back 3,000 years to ancient China, pawnbroking really took off in Britain during the 1800s. The Pawnbrokers Act 1872 was reformed and modernised by the Consumer Credit Act 1974, which regulates all credit agreements of up to £25,000. Pawnbroking took off again during the 1980s and 1990s due to recessions and money problems. So, just how does a pawnbroker loan work? A pawnbroker loan works on the simple concept of lending money to a customer based on the provision of collateral, such as jewellery, valuables or electrical appliances. The valuations do tend to be Keep Reading >>>
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Pawnbroker Loans

Pawnbroking is an age old tradition of lending money against valuable goods, in particular jewellery. Pawnbroker loans are a fast and safe way to help you unlock the value of your jewellery, watches etc. without selling them. Whether you need to pay off an unexpected bill, or raise a little bit of extra cash for a well deserved holiday, a pawnbroker loan can help by offering you a quick cash pawn loan against your valuable jewellery or quality watch. Unlike the many gold buying websites and companies, by pawning your jewellery you are merely borrowing money against it’s value – pay off the Keep Reading >>>
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Logbook Loans

Logbook loans – if you own a car or other vehicle and need cash in a hurry then a bad credit logbook bad credit loan is  an option. You keep driving your car or vehicle but use its value as security against the loan. The funds can be issued the same day plus what’s more there are no credit checks. A logbook loan is ideal for people who may currently have bad credit as it is secured against your vehicle’s logbook and hence represents a greatly reduced risk to the lender. Your vehicle should be clear, or nearly clear of finance, the amount you will be Keep Reading >>>
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Secured Loans

These secured loans for bad credit are loans that are specifically created for people with a bad or adverse credit history and are secured against property. Bad credit loans UK that are also known as homeowner loans or remortgages. A secured loan is a loan which is backed up by assets belonging to the borrower, normally property or vehicle, in order to decrease the risk taken on by the lender. If you don’t maintain your repayments, the property used as security can be at risk of repossession. Because of the decrease in risk to the lender such loans can often be much greater in value Keep Reading >>>
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