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Dealing With Debt

Dealing With Debt


You are not alone when it comes to debt although it may seem so right now! The Citizen Advice Bureaux alone dealt with 8,910 new debt problems in England & Wales every working day during the year ending June 2011.

Learn about how to deal with debt, debt problems and debt repayments … all explained and made simple.

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Owing money is not a crime and, believe you me, you are not alone in debt! Just as debt problems exists so do the solutions – a variety of options to suit different debt problems, providing different debt solutions and to help you deal with debt in the right way.

As debts build it can seem that there’s no way out, that your completely alone and there’s nothing you can do and no one you can share you worries with and those bills keep coming in and those commitments are relentless.

Take heart though – you are NOT alone and there is ALWAYS a way out.

Whatever your situation, however bad it may look and even if you feel there’s no solution there is. you can get out of debt, regain control of your finances and start living again – and we hope we can help.

We hope that the pages and posts will help you understand the options that may be available and will help you find the help you may need or the inspiration for you to fight your debts head-on.

There are professional organisations who you can talk to and who will work with you to use the appropriate tools to become debt free – tools such as debt management plans, IVAs, debt relief orders, trust deeds, bankruptcy, etc. Alternatively you could do it yourself – we can introduce you to the resources needed and it may be easier than you think. Finally, there are a number of specialist debt charities that are there specifically to help anyone with debts or debt worries. These charities are a great place to start as they have websites packed full of information and resources and all completely free – we can introduce you.


If you are in debt you are not alone – there are thousands and thousands in the same, or worse situation than you and there’s ALWAYS a way out of debt.

Good luck – we hope we are able to help or at least inspire.

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