Doorstep Lenders UKYou’ve done the research, done the thinking and decided that a doorstep loan is right for you – so how do you go about finding  the best value loan and the right doorstep lender in the UK? Everything you need is available on a free, independent website by the name of

Just another comparison site you may assume but you’d be very wrong, it’s a completely free resource and an independent price comparison website specifically for the doorstep loans (or home credit) market. There’s no sponsorship, no adverts and no pressure because they don’t sell anything. So what’s the point of it you may ask, well, it was set up as a result of the Competition Commission’s (an independent, official public body) investigation into the doorstep loans industry. The aims is simple – “to ensure healthy competition between companies in the UK for the benefit of companies, customers and the economy.”

What Are Doorstep Loans

Doorstep loans are small cash amounts, often from about fifty pounds to a thousand or so. The transaction is carried out in the applicants home, face to face with an agent or representative of the doorstep lender. The loan itself is then delivered to the door (hence the name doorstep loan or home credit), often in cash and the repayments are divided up into small, weekly instalments and spread over a term to suit from a few weeks and up to a maximum of a year or so and collected by the same agent, again, often in cash and from the doorstep.


Finding The Right Doorstep Lender UK

Lenders Compared only exists to help you make a more informed choice in relation to doorstep loans UK. You won’t find anything relating to payday loans or bank loans – only loans that are repaid via cash instalments that are collected from your home or don’t require the lender to hold a bank account.

The site itself is very easy to use, simply use the search box to fill in the loan amount you want to borrow, enter the repayment period you want to borrow the loan over and then put in your postcode.

The search engine will then return the results containing three indicators that will clearly show you the most cost effective option local to you. These indicators are as follows:

1: Cost Of Credit – the total amount of interest you will be required to repay in total.

2: The Doorstep Lenders APR – This is the Annual Percentage Rate which  quotes the above cost for credit as a percentage figure but calculated on a yearly basis.

3: The Rate Of Interest – This will tell you the actual rate of interest charge for a doorstep loan.

Of course, you may not always automatically go for the cheapest, you may apply to a company recommended to you by friends or family but, even in this case, at least you can make sure you’re getting a good deal in comparison to other local doorstep lenders.

The results will contain the details of the local lender which will enable you to contact them, search their website or find out more and to make the application. It does not allow you to apply via the site, nor does it provide a direct link to the lender – it goes that far to ensure independence and to make sure it’s not regarded as a money making doorstep loans lender.

You may wonder how they make money then – the short answer is they don’t, instead is financed by the largest, most reputable, doorstep loans or home credit lenders but governed by a board whose members are independent of the doorstep loans industry.

You will find advertised on the websites of all doorstep lenders, it’s the industry standard and ensures that all doorstep lenders UK remain competitive and customer focused. Another commercial comparison site it’s most definitely NOT – … use it and trust it.