doorstep loansDEFINED AS: Unsecured, often short term, small cash loans delivered to your door and the repayments collected in the same way. 

Doorstep loans go by a number of different names – they are also known as a door to door loans, cash loans, home collected loans, home collected credit or just home credit. Whatever name they go by they offer a friendly, personal service and the provision of small cash loans straight to your door, with the manageable repayments collected each week by your own friendly, local agent.

What Are Doorstep Loans

Doorstep loans are small cash loans that are not only delivered to your door but give you an option to have the repayments collected each week from your home by a local agent. Whilst the initial contact and application may be online or over the phone, the rest of the entire process is completed face to face with a real person and in the surroundings of your own home.


How Much Can I Borrow

Doorstep loans are designed as small, manageable cash loans with a flexible approval criteria. As such the maximum amount you are able to borrow will be relatively small with the majority of doorstep lenders currently advertising loans up to a maximum of around £500 or, in some cases, £1,000.


What Can I Use It For

There’s no requirement to specify why the loan is required, they are personal loans and, as such, can be used for any reason at all. Help with unexpected bills, the cost of Christmas, a holiday, and new TV or washing machine, home improvements,  or just a little help with a cash flow problem … the choice is yours.


Who Can Apply

This is one of the areas that makes the doorstep loan so popular – whilst you’ll obviously need to prove and satisfy the basics such as being over 18 years old and residing in the UK, the lending criteria is very open and flexible which means that many more applicants may be eligible for a doorstep loan as opposed to a more traditional type loan via one of the high street institutions.

First of all there is no security required and so homeowners, tenants and those living with friends and family can apply. Then there’s the fact that there is no specific requirement to be in full time employment – applications from those working part-time, retired and even on benefits will be considered. Add to this the fact that there is no requirement for a perfect credit history or rating and that those with a bad credit history, arrears, defaults, had a loan application turned down in the past or even CCJs will also be considered and you will understand just why they are so popular.

A cash doorstep loan is offered based on your current situation and ability to meet the loan repayments.

The Repayments And Cost

Repayments should be fixed over the agreed term of your doorstep loan. They will be divided up into weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts which will be collected on a day and at a time to suit. Check that repayments are fixed with no hidden charges so you will be in control and know exactly where you stand. You should also have your own payment book to enable you to track your payments over the agreed period of your door to door loan.

The actual cost of doorstep loans varies from lender to lender – this should always be quoted to you in advance … make sure it is and that you understand and are happy with the interest rate and overall cost and make sure you’re aware of any hidden extras! You are able to compare the price of home collected doorstep loans and other cash loans available in your area at


What’s The Catch

These loans can be very expensive and interest rates very high. As such there may be an alternative form of borrowing that may prove to be a much better option. Read more at before you decide.