A good credit score is likely to get if you make the repayments without any delays. Higher credit scores will get you great deals on credit cards, and you can avail instant cash loans with ease. There are many situations where a loan gets rejected because of not having a proper credit score. If you are one of them, then you will get to know the importance of the credit score more than anyone else.

 Your credit score entirely does not depend upon your repayment history. There are many other contributions which affect your credit score. There have been many platforms where you can find bad credit loans, but it is better to have a decent credit score. A decent credit score will give better interest rates, and the lenders will trust you without too many questions.

1. Clear your Credit Card Dues:

The accumulated repayment amount for a long will not only cost you with the interest rates, but it will also decrease your credit score. If you have multiple credit card dues, it is better to transfer all in one which will make things easy for you clearing one than many.

 You can even get personal loans and clear all your credit debts and start building up the credit score for later loans.

 2. Keep balance in the Credit Limit.

If your credit limit is not efficient for you, it is better to talk with your credit card agencies to increase the limit. Low usage of the credit limit and maintaining a high balance limit will gradually increase your credit score. Using the maximum amount from your credit limit will represent that your monthly income is not sufficient for your expenses.

 It is better to use your old credit score for a long time which will ensure a secure credit score.  Applying for new credit cards won’t be a good idea when you are planning to increase your credit score. Maintain a minimum of 6 months difference between your credit applications.  Make sure you apply this strategy in case of any unsecured loans rejections.

 Whenever you find any disputes in your credit history regarding any closures or any payments, make sure you have a word with your credit lender regarding it and clear those disputes immediately. It will definitely, give a wrong assumption of your credit score.

 3. Regarding Loans:

It will leave a good impression with the lender if you have been a loan guarantor, but be careful while being a guarantor check with all aspects. You might get affected just because of some flaws in the terms and conditions.

 And when you are availing any loans like bad credit loans take a long tenure, it will show your long term payments and enhance your credit score.

 4. Secured and Unsecured Credit:

Availing both secured loans like home loans and unsecured loans like personal loans is good. These will increase your credit score from both the ways.

 5. Monitor your Joint and Co-owned Accounts.

 If the candidate who share an account with you also avail a credit card, ensure that there are timely EMI payments. Always make sure you maintain the minimum balance in the joint account.

 By ensuring, these steps you can increase your credit score, with a better credit score you can get different kinds of loans. At Friskyloans, you can avail instant cash loans and many other loans, even if you do not have a good credit score. You can take these loans and improve your credit score.