Urgent LoansGetting a loan quickly can be difficult at the best of times we’ll all agree. Well, believe it or not, even if you have a bad credit history it is still possible to get urgent loans or instant bad credit loans UK wide, for life’s little emergencies.

These bad credit urgent loans will, on approval, either provide an urgent cash loan to you within 24 hours or will give you an instant decision and a fast service to ensure to receive your loan in the quickest possible time-frame.

Small cash loans for bad credit within a few minutes or hours. Larger bad credit loans within 24 hours. All with instant decision and even some bad credit urgent loans are advertised with no credit checks.

The evolution of electronic communications has enabled a vast expansion in instant lending solutions. An online application can be verified in seconds and access to individual credit data checked to enable an almost instant decision.

Be aware that many loans that are advertised as “instant loans” may merely provide an instant, in principle decision. This may then require further checks or additional paperwork to be completed before a loan can be issued. A true instant loan will provide an instant decision and the cash transfer immediately effected.

To enable such fast service the loans are usually subject to a pretty small maximum loan (usually £1,000 or so and often just a few hundred pounds) and the repayment term short – a few weeks or months only. Normally, if you need a larger sum fast, you’ll need to provide some form of security. By this we don’t mean that you’ll necessarily need to be a homeowner (although securing your home against a loan is pretty common) it could be another form of property such as a car, vehicle, jewellery, electrical goods, artwork etc.

The other thing to be aware of is just because the money is transferred instantly this doesn’t necessarily mean it will reach your bank account straight away. Transfer of funds can sometimes take two or three days in the system between banks. Check with your chosen lender first.

Many of these instant bad credit loans UK are geared towards the bad credit market and towards people who will struggle to get their own bank to agree to an overdraft or such like. Because of this the eligibility criteria is more relaxed although you will normally need to be over 18, UK resident, working and earning a minimum salary as set by lender and a holder of a UK bank account plus debit card.

As you would expect with such instant bad credit loans UK interest rates may be quite high and will vary between lenders. You should always receive a quote in advance of any decision or agreement and this quote should clearly state interest rate, APR and total loan cost. It’s important that you study closely, understand fully, ask any questions you wish BEFORE you decide if it’s right for you.