Bad Credit Van FinanceBad credit van finance is simply that … loans and other finance options for bad credit which are used for the purpose of buying a van.

Have you been refused van credit? Do you have CCJ’s, arrears or defaults? Are you self employed? Are you in a debt management plan? If so don’t worry there are companies out there who can help  you obtain a fantastic deal on your next van.

You may be looking for a van for your own personal use or for you business either way it may well be your own, personal credit rating that’s taken into consideration.

There are 2 main types of loan available:

1: The specific van loan which is usually lent to purchase an agreed vehicle and secured on the van.

Such loans may stipulate who you can buy from ie main dealers etc but the loan can be agreed BEFORE you shop.

2: An unsecured, personal, bad credit loan that is provided directly to you in advance of your van purchase.

The loan is not secured on the van and hence allows you to buy any vehicle from anywhere – even a private or auction purchase.

Get a van loan with bad credit.

If you desperately need a new, or a replacement van for yourself or your business but are finding it difficult to raise the finance because of a bad credit history, don’t panic, help is at hand at the Bad Credit Loans Directory where we can suggest 4 options for the bad credit van loan you require:

Personal Loan.

A bad credit unsecured loan or personal loan, will provide the loan in advance which will enable you to shop around to find the right van for you as a “cash buyer”.

Because this type of loan is not secured against your vehicle you are easily able to buy any make, model or size of van, either new, second-hand, privately or via an auction.

Van Finance Only.

Straight forward bad credit van loans will provide you with the knowledge and the confidence that finance has already been approved and that you can now start shopping around for the most appropriate van or commercial vehicle. You will often be restricted to certain dealers and therefore not be able to buy privately, this is because the loan will be secured against the value of the van.

Van Loans + Vehicles

Certain bad credit van loans do the lot – supply the loan, the van and even takes your old vehicle in part exchange, this can make buying and financing a van really easy. You can search for the van you need and apply for everything in one go, agree a part exchange too.

Van Lease

A further option is to lease a van or a contract hire agreement whereby, for a monthly agreed “rental” over a fixed period of time you get the use of a new vehicle, often including repairs and maintenance too – certainly worth considering.