vansDo you require a van all the time or do you just need it periodically, temporarily or for short periods at a time? Perhaps you need a different type or size of van for different situations? If either of these two scenarios applies to you then it’s worth considering a van hire option as an alternative to a van loan or lease.

There are thousands of van hire companies in the UK today – some local to you and others providing national coverage but all able to cater for you and your business, whatever your needs … even if you require a specialist vehicle.

Simply decide exactly what vehicle you require, how long you need it for and where it’s going to be needed then get to work to find the most appropriate deal – here’s the options:

Short Term Van Hire: This may be the most appropriate solution if the van is needed for a period of between just a day or two or up to a few weeks or so.

Short term van hire is normally subject to a daily, weekend or weekly rental cost and packages vary – some include unlimited mileage for example so make sure you negotiate the optimum package, don’t simply go for the cheapest.

Long Term Van Hire: A common business solution, especially if there’s a requirement for a specialist van, temporary additional vehicle or to service the needs of a particular contract or busy spell.

If you need a van for a month or more then a long term van hire will probably be the most appropriate option and will save significantly on a short term rental cost. Maintenance costs will be included too so it will keep your business on the road without any unforeseen costs.

Contract Van Hire: Basically a standard hire agreement but a long term contract of between 1 and 3 years. Terms will vary (some include a maximum mileage and additional cost for exceeding for example) and maintenance packages are often optional so make sure you get the right agreement to suit your needs. At the end of the contract the van is simply returned.

Van Leasing: A van lease agreement can provide all the advantages of hiring if the van is required on a permanent basis. Van leasing agreements are usually anything from 2 years to 5 years – you get a new van of your choice, a package to suit your needs, pay a set monthly fee over the agreed term, add on an optional maintenance contract to your monthly payment, hand the van back at the end of the lease agreement. Read More >>>

Van Hire Purchase: Van HP can provide a cost effective solution if you’re looking to actually buy a vehicle. A low upfront deposit, repayments that can be spread over a term to suit of up to 5 years typically, set monthly payments that don’t vary and are free from any VAT liability.

The benefits to a business are that interest charges can be offset and the van will be regarded as a business asset when it comes to reporting. This means the business will benefit from write down (depreciation) allowances. Similar to a van loan – at the end of the contract the van is yours.